This is Biberkor

Set in rolling pre-Alpine countryside close to scenic Lake Starnberg, Biberkor is surrounded by greenery. Our spacious grounds feature play areas, sports fields and gardens, providing a tranquil environment in which children can flourish in the truest sense of the word.

Outdoor activities, exposure to animals in nature and exploring our environment – at Biberkor these are all part of the curriculum.

In the children's house we care for children from the age of 3 through to school age, following the principles of Maria Montessori’s educational approach.

Our school provides a very special atmosphere for learning, from elementary school through to graduating from high school. Our approach brings together bright, inquisitive children and those in need of support, the highly skilled, the able-bodied and the disabled. Every child is special in its opportunities for development at Biberkor.

Biberkor is a state-approved day school. Our all-day curriculum provides pupils with more time for learning and community life.

Since the school was founded, 9th and 10th year pupils have successfully graduated with the German State-recognized Hauptschulabschluss and Mittlerer Reife qualifications. In the 2006/07 year, the first Biberkor pupils achieved the general Hochschulreife qualifications.

These pupils and their successors in subsequent years have provided the proof that it is possible to qualify for an Abitur via the guiding educational principles of motivation, self-initiative and by taking pride in your own achievement.