Children's House

In the Children's House, Biberkor pupils learn according to the principles of Montessori education, with teachers and parents working together with full mutual respect.

Projects, day-trips and music lessons are on offer as well as further training for parents and the opportunity to collaborate with other groups.

Up to 45 children from the age of 3 spend their days in two groups in the children's house and its idyllic surroundings. They are cared for by seven specialists, two educational assistants and one full-time intern.

The high ratio of carers to children allows us to indulge in following the highly qualitative requirements of the Montessori educational principles as well as being able to care for special needs children. On special occasions such as day trips, parties and projects, parents also support the team.

The Children's House was founded in 2002 and completed the overall concept of the Montessori Biberkor organization. The children's house is also open to children with significant learning difficulties. In the district of Upper Bavaria, Biberkor is recognized for the inclusion of up to 6 special needs children. Due to high demand a second study group was set up. After we have completed construction of the new school, we are planning a new children's home, which we anticipate will also be open to children under 3 years of age.