Registered association

The aim of the Montessori Biberkor registered association (in German: Eingetragener Verein, or e.V.) founded in July 2000 is the realization of a "school for all", based on the principles of Montessori education. The association is no-for-profit and provides educational institutions, in particular, a kindergarten, primary and secondary schools and a grammar school. The association founded and funds these institutions.

For the purpose of Montessori education, students are offered an individual learning environment where they can develop their abilities and inclinations according to their own rhythm. Both children with special needs and gifted children can find special learning opportunities. This broad approach allows the students to achieve various levels, especially the Hauptschulabschluss, the Qualifizierenden Hauptschulabschluss, the Mittlere Reife and the Abitur.

Association structure

The association is registered in the nearby town of Starnberg and currently has approx. 300 members. Members are primarily parents of pupils but also teachers and supporters. Membership is open to anyone who files a written application that is accepted by the association.

Official statutory organs of the association are the General Assembly, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board. The Managing Directors of the Montessori Verwaltungs GmbH are Christoph Borchardt und Johann Dullinger.


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