Primary school

A good start is often crucial to the entire school career: the aim is to ensure that the process of "learning" from the very beginning is a positive experience.

No child is like another - at any time. Over- or under-stimulation of children has always been counterproductive. Biberkor offers a unique opportunity because we provide for the needs of individual children at the center of their personal development. This is particularly apparent for first-graders, who all start quite differently.

At this grade level, the German national curriculum provides for learning to read and being able to recognize numbers 1 – 20. Some children start school already knowing these basics.

At Biberkor, we focus on helping individual children with their own level of development, to best tackle the enormous task of learning to read, and to quickly start mastering larger numbers, once they have mastered the basics. Even gifted children benefit greatly from this system, since unlike most schools, they do not have to "downgrade" their intellect or wait for others to catch up.

The educational experience for Biberkor pupils is pleasurable and fulfilling. We believe that self-directed learning is easy and that pleasurable experiences are deeper and longer-lasting.


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