The Montessori approach to high school - in love with success

Biberkor in turn is focused on ensuring that pupils take pride and satisfaction from their performance in high school, with the all-day school providing motivation and initiatives to learn. Competent professional teachers respond individually to each student’s needs, in small teaching groups.

High School

Biberkor is the first and only school in Bavaria that follows the principles of Montessori education all the way to university entrance, focusing on the principles of pupils gaining pride and satisfaction from their performance in high school, and them with providing motivation and initiatives to learn.

We strive to bring out the best in our high school students by teaching them that there is no pressure in performing absolutely every day, and avoiding both frustration and stress learning. School days are determined by independent and personal responsibility towards integrated learning and interdisciplinary approaches.

The learning environment is characterized by mutual respect and attentiveness. At Biberkor, we look at developing the holistic personalities of young people.

Highly-dedicated professional teachers provide the necessary input. Thanks to small groups, we are able to adapt to individual students’ needs - the best preparation for the final exams. The community and our teaching approach provide help, even in difficult periods.


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