On the subject of “Registration”

As of submission of the registration forms, we will reserve a place in the course for you for approx. 4 weeks. We request that you send us back the completed registration documents and the signed General Terms and Conditions, and that you transfer the deposit, otherwise this place will be made available to other applicants after the 4-week period. You will receive confirmation of payment by e-mail after you make the deposit.

On the subject of “Payments”

We request that you transfer the deposit amount about specified in the registration documents upon registration, the remaining amount will be settled in two instalments of € 700.00. You will receive a separate invoice for each.

Registration is only binding given prompt submission of the signed registration form and the signed General Terms and Conditions in conjunction with payment of the deposit.

If the costs are borne by third parties (schools, employers, sponsors, associations, etc.), such parties can be issued a separate invoice. (We hereby expressly point out the tax-relevant treatment of further education costs by internal revenue offices, which specifies that invoice issue to employers is not mandatory.) If the invoiced party fails to make the payments, the obligation to do so is transferred to the party receiving the service (participant). Invoices to third parties can only be issued within the specified registration period; the content of invoices issued cannot be retroactively changed.

On the subject of “Cancellation”

In the case of cancellation up to 8 weeks prior to course commencement, we charge a processing fee of € 60.00. The cancellation must be made in writing. We can only accept later cancellations if there are particularly extenuating circumstances, and/or if another party takes the place. Of course, in such cases as well, we are available for personal consultation.

On the subject of the “Waiting list”

If there are no longer any places available in the workshop you selected, we will place you on a waiting list. Should a place become available, participants move up the waiting list, or you will be automatically flagged for the next course.

On the subject of the “Personal participation record”

At the beginning of the course, you will receive a personal participation record ‒ this must be brought to every course session and signed by the instructor. This record is part of the diploma and cannot be replaced or modified by us.

On the subject of “Personal responsibility”

Participation is one’s own responsibility. The courses are not designed as therapy and do not replace such.

The participant undertakes to inform the Akademie Montessori Biberkor, Montessori Biberkor e.V., of any change regarding course participation without delay. Changes in the course sequence may – especially in the case of claims by third parties – lead to loss of performance. The Akademie Montessori Biberkor assumes no liability whatsoever in such cases.

On the subject of “Childcare”

The courses are prepared as an environment for adults. Children may only be present if such has been agreed to since such makes special conditions regarding the premises necessary.

There is no legal entitlement to participation in activities of the Akademie Montessori Biberkor.

Our seminar program is planned in the long term and subject to ongoing quality controls. For this reason, the Akademie Montessori Biberkor, Montessori Biberkor e.V., reserves the right to further develop the service offering and to make changes regarding seminar content, seminar dates, seminar venues and seminar deadlines as well as regarding lecturers. Adaptations of this kind, as well as any necessary short-term changes do not constitute eligibility for any compensation claims whatsoever. The Akademie Montessori Biberkor, Montessori Biberkor e.V., will inform participants without delay of the changes in question.

The Akademie Montessori Biberkor, Montessori Biberkor e.V., ensures that changes of any type will not result in any loss of quality whatsoever in terms of content/completion/quality compared to the original situation.

No liability whatsoever is assumed for damages to persons or property incurred by a participant in connection with attending a seminar.

On the subject of “Theses”

Papers and theses created within the scope of the course are the intellectual property of the participants. If papers are made available to the Institute, such is done on a voluntary basis and constitutes no legal claim whatsoever.

The seminar participant receives corresponding seminar materials which are protected by the copyright of the author. Reproduction, propagation and reprinting are only permitted with the express written consent of the author.

The place of jurisdiction is Starnberg.

The participant confirms with his/her registration (in writing) that he/she has read and understood these Terms and Conditions of Participation and the General Terms and Conditions, and recognizes them.