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Cooperative Learning

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Keywords: Cooperative learning structures, cooperative games for language, virtues and maths

Cooperative Learning changes the role of the teacher from giving information to facilitating students‘ learning. It aims at organizing classroom activities into academic and social learning experiences and allows students to work and play in groups for a common goal, and while doing this, to draw on one anothers‘ strengths. The first part of the workshop „Cooperative Learning“ consists of an introduction to the field of cooperative learning: What is cooperative learning? Which conditions need to be met to make cooperative learning possible in my classroom? Which class rules are important? How do I form the learning groups? What is special about the way the students learn in these groups? etc. and gives an overview of cooperative learning structures. The second part of the seminar will cover some cooperative games. There are many different types of games such as language games, virtue games and number games. We will also find out how to invent new cooperative learning structures and games ourselves. You will be learning about all these topics in a cooperative way and you will get a set of materials that we study together. The seminar will be held in English.

Ort: Offenbach, please contact for detailed address.
Dozent: Indra Sen Maurya
Termin: 24.07.2020 (Start 16:00 Uhr) bis 26.07.2020 (Ende 13:00 Uhr)
Kursgebühr: 275,- €
Kursnummer LZ507

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